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Professional wedding planners have the experience and characteristics necessary to take the whole side of arranging things regarding a wedding off your hands. This includes finding suppliers, thinking about the time planning, being the contact for suppliers and guests, keeping an eye on the budget, the table lay-out, the styling and the coordination of the wedding day itself.

In addition to making the big arrangements, such as the wedding location, there are incredibly many small tasks that all add up. Such as reading the contract, going through an elaborate discussion of the details. But also taking all the aspects into account with regard to the time planning: a variety of weather scenarios, the different groups of guests, such as the people attending the dinner and the guests for the party in the evening (for example, you would not want to be in the middle of dinner while the group for the party is starting to arrive). Couples who hire a wedding planner can fully concentrate on the most fun tasks of the preparation. Such as devising and writing their wedding vows, choosing the wedding attire, and enjoying the looking forward with each other and the guests.

Why do we need a wedding planner?

The costs of hiring a wedding planner, event planner or master of ceremonies depend on your wishes. After the first introductory meeting, you always receive a customised quote.

Wedding stylist a minimum of 24 hours: €2.160,-

Master of ceremonies a minimum of 35 hours: €3.150,-

Wedding planner a minimum of 45 hours: €4.050

A wedding abroad, a minimum of 54 hours: €4.860

Events: a minimum of 25 hours: €2.250 (a small event, such as the planning & organisation of a birthday party).

The sums include VAT, but exclude travelling expenses. In the Netherlands, we calculate €0.45 inclusive of VAT per kilometre driven from Diemen. The prices for a wedding outside of the Netherlands are customised, this depends on the destination.

The bill is paid in instalments. Payment conditions:

At signing the contract: 50% of the total sum

Six months before the wedding: 25% of the total sum

Two weeks before the wedding: 25% of the total sum

Actual calculation a week after the wedding: other costs such as travelling expenses, accommodation, etc.

What does a wedding planner, event planner or master of ceremonies cost?

What does a master of ceremonies do?

What does a master of ceremonies do? In a nutshell, a master of ceremonies is also the controller during the wedding itself. The master of ceremonies is the contact for the bridal couple, guests and suppliers and is also a centipede behind the scenes for everything that has to be set up and arranged. The master of ceremonies supervises any speeches and acts of the guests, but is also the person who arranges everything for receiving the gifts. The organisation of the bachelor party can also be arranged by the master of ceremonies, if necessary.

Being a master of ceremonies is a superbly honourable task, but also one that secretly takes up a great deal of time and energy. If you do not want to put this on a loved one so they can enjoy the day as a wedding guest, leave this task to us. Further information about this can be found on the Master of ceremonies page.

We do not charge any fees for an introductory meeting. Chloe Crouch Events believes that a couple and a wedding planner need to get to know each other to be certain that they go well together. The same as saying ‘yes’ to the love of your life, we hope that you will convincingly say ‘yes’ to working together with us ;)

What does an introductory meeting cost?

If you’re looking for a suitable wedding photographer and hair and make-up artist, we definitely recommend taking a look at our Team page.

We only work with the best suppliers whom we trust and offer the same high quality as we do. We have a large network of wedding suppliers worldwide in a variety of price ranges. We would be happy to show you the options and subsequently, you decide which supplier suits you best.

Which suppliers do you work with?

This all depends on the type and size of the event that you want to plan. If it concerns a wedding, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you are engaged and want to take the first step in organising your wedding day (we recommend that you allow a minimum of 12 months for the preparations; due to the Covid-19 crisis, many weddings had to be rescheduled which entails that there is a run on weddings at the moment). Other events can certainly be planned on a shorter term.

In general, it is best to start the planning early. It’s always smart to have some breathing space as the event draws nearer. But if you need last-minute help with the planning and organising of an event, do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email. We are happy to help you think along and consider the possibilities.

How far in advance should I book a wedding planner?

In simple words: we treat every event, every wedding as if it were our own event. This means we will leave no stone unturned to make your dreams come true and help you during each and every step.

Adding a personal touch and creating an effortless, smooth flow is our starting point for every event.

We have a team of 4 different wedding and event planners. Chloe is the founder and head wedding and event planner. In case of illness or force majeure, there is always another, equally good planner, available for you.

We have a professional wedding photographer and make-up artist in our team with whom we often work together. Eline and Ouassima have the same high quality standards regarding work method and style. That is why we recommend them to you with great confidence if you are still looking for a wedding photographer or make-up artist.

We will be expanding this team further in the future with more services, so you can have your wedding or event arranged in one go and only have one contact person. This makes things easy and provides clarity.

By the way, there is absolutely no obligation to making use of these team members. If you already have a photographer or make-up artist, we don’t have a problem with that at all. We are flexible and work together with anyone.

What distinguishes you as wedding and event planners?

For the rescheduling of a wedding due to Covid-19, an hourly rate of €90 including VAT applies for the rescheduling. How many hours are needed depends on the wedding. Naturally, communications about this will take place as soon as possible and nothing will be invoiced until clear agreements about this have been made. When signing agreements with suppliers, we recommend that the arrangements for rescheduling/cancellation of the wedding are properly recorded, so that you know where you stand.

Do you want to cancel the wedding completely due to Covid-19? In that case, the costs depend on the phase of the planning. The hours we already spent on planning the wedding/event will be invoiced.

For further information regarding the rescheduling or cancellation of a wedding or event, you are referred to the General Terms and Conditions.

What happens if the wedding and/or event is rescheduled or cancelled due to Covid-19?

— Priscilla + Jules


— Kashaya + Benny

“We had been looking forward to the big day for a very long time and then Covid-19 became a problem. We had decided to plan everything ourselves but lacked the energy to start rescheduling everything. Eventually we decided to hire a wedding planner for this. Chloe was of excellent help to us in rescheduling all of the appointments. Thank you! Thanks to you, the stress could be turned into something positive.”

“Prior to our wedding on Ibiza, there was a great deal of uncertainty due to Covid-19, but we were sure about one thing: Chloe will make sure everything turns out fine. She and her team worked really hard to make it a relaxed day/weekend for us and they succeeded in doing so very well! It’s amazing how they created a magnificent and relaxed setting on a location abroad. Despite the Covid-19 measures that had to be taken into account and the weather that turned out even worse than we thought beforehand. Chloe as a master of ceremonies radiates calmness, confidence and professionalism, she is highly flexible and an absolute expert in thinking out of the box / switching from one thing to another. The styling was stunning with a great eye for detail. The reactions from our guests were wonderful and great without exception, everyone loved it! You’re the best!”



“Chloe has everything under control, which allows you to enjoy and reminisce about the day from the beginning to the end. She gives you confidence, which makes that you can experience this day in a relaxed and conscious way. She is a sympathetic, friendly and patient organisational talent who is brimming with original ideas, and adds that little extra to this festive day for you and your guests. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to celebrate their most beautiful day in style.”


“We decided to hire Chloe as our master of ceremonies because we did not want to saddle up our friends/family with this task. Along the way, we came across so many things that we eventually also hired her as our wedding planner. UNBELIEVABLY happy about Chloe and her team! They really know how to give your wedding a personal touch and they communicate incredibly well, which really took the stress away from us. We will definitely hire Chloe Crouch Events again for our anniversary! Thank you for everything!”


"Chloe’s service as a wedding planner is top notch! She informed us very well about all the possibilities and very soon after the intake, she felt what we wanted and didn’t want. Chloe is a great organisational talent, a professional and is brimming with great ideas! On top of that, she is very enthusiastic and great to work with. In short, we can recommend Chloe to arrange everything for your dream day to anyone!"