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Invanka Houterman

Assistent event planner & content creator

Making scripts, designing invitations, hosting events, bar-tending, looking after the smallest guests. Centipede Ivanka is an all-rounder as an assistant wedding and event planner & content creator.

When she was young, she had no idea what she wanted to be, but that it would be something about people, was a certainty. Ivanka is a spontaneous go-getter who is very good with people and does not mind getting her hands dirty. Her experience in hospitality and communication is an enrichment for the team.

Ticking off to-do lists gives her a great feeling of satisfaction. Planning is in her blood and she has never missed a deadline. But if something happens that is not according to the plan? Ivanka keeps her cool and makes sure that things are sorted.

She enjoys starting her day with preparing events and weddings. To make sure that the partygoers want for nothing and, afterwards, toast to a successful day with the rest of the team.