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Enjoying your wedding day without any concerns

Naturally, the wedding day itself is the cherry on the cake of our cooperation. By supporting you with all of the arrangements, there will be more than enough time and room to have fun and celebrate your love on the way to the big day.

Hiring a master of ceremonies

The main lines of your wedding day have already been thought out and recorded. But who will carry out your big plans and keep an eye on things during the wedding day?

Of course, you can ask a sister, brother or friend to be your master of ceremonies. But do not underestimate asking someone you know for this. Please don’t get me wrong. It is a superbly honourable task, but also a big responsibility to leave with a loved one. Do you want all of the wedding guests to enjoy this day with you without any concerns? I will lovingly take this task of your hands.

I’ll help with the wedding script, negotiations and contact with the suppliers and the styling. With complete peace of mind, you can genuinely leave all practical matters to me or keep the reins (partly) in your own hands. I adapt entirely to your needs and relieve you of some of the tasks where necessary.


Our mission is to create beautiful, sincere and personal experiences that inspire you and your guests.

yes, this sounds good!

Do you have any questions before you decide to hire me as your master of ceremonies?

You can read what working together with me looks like in the main lines. You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions that previous bridal couples asked. Hopefully, this will give you a clear picture and the chance to discover whether we are the perfect match.

The work method of the master of ceremonies: plan an introduction


Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering engaging my help? We can always schedule a meeting without any obligations. During this introduction, we will discuss all your wishes. This meeting can take place on location, or online (via Skype), whichever has your preference. After this intake, you receive a customised quote. As soon as you have approved of the proposal and the down payment has been made, the pleasant anticipation towards your wedding can begin.


This is how I help before the wedding day

You receive an elaborate online planning document to organise your wedding day from A to Z. On the basis of this planning document, we write a very extensive script that we attune to all the parties concerned (location/suppliers). This is how you can be absolutely certain that everything has been taken into consideration. From the party location to the colour of the napkins on the dinner table. We join you in going to the wedding location for an extensive discussion of the details. I also inform your guests about everything that is practical and handy to know. In the run-up to your wedding, I am the first point of contact for your guests and suppliers. For example, if they want to surprise you, if they have any questions about the dress code or if they want to pass on wishes regarding a diet. Do you want help planning your bachelor party or sending the invitations and rsvp’s? Do let us know. We attune our services as master of ceremonies completely to your wishes.

Tasks as a master of ceremonies during your wedding day


During the wedding day, I make sure that everything happens according to plan. Behind the scenes, I arrange all the parts of the wedding (ceremony, reception, dinner, party) without you noticing anything as a bridal couple. I receive all of the suppliers and give directions to everyone so that everything goes in a flow. Additionally, as the master of ceremonies, I know who will be giving a speech or doing an act and make sure that a suitable moment is created for this. This is also included in the extensive script. As I will be the point of contact for everyone: from the make-up artist, the catering to the photographer, the DJ, the staff at the wedding location and, of course, for your guests, there will be nothing for you to worry about. Just to enjoy each other and your loved ones will be all you will need to do.

FAQ Master of ceremonies

Why would you hire a master of ceremonies as a bridal couple?

As wedding planners, do you ever take on more than one wedding per day?

Invest in a master of ceremonies to really enjoy your wedding day. To enjoy this special moment with friends, family and guests, without needing to worry about the details. A professional master of ceremonies has the experience and connections so that everything runs like clockwork, bringing your ideal picture for the wedding to life.

No, we will never take on two weddings in one day. Usually, we do not even take on more than one wedding per planner per weekend. This allows us to fully focus on your moment. Organising a wedding is top sport, during a wedding, we often run from this place to that, guiding suppliers and guests. For this reason, it would not be fair, if we have another wedding on the day before yours. We would not be in top shape to concentrate on you and your wishes. Chloe is the wedding planner who is your steady point of contact from the introduction to the day itself. Depending on the size of the wedding, one or more assistant wedding planners will be present throughout the wedding day. We find a match very important. This way, we really get to know one another and become familiar with one another, so that you can relax more on the day of the wedding and know that you can rely on us to take care of all the details of the wedding day.

What does a master of ceremonies cost?

The starting point for being a master of ceremonies is a minimum of 35 hours. This amounts to €3.150 including VAT. This sum is exclusive of the travelling expenses. For a customised offer, you can always contact us without any obligations.