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Wedding consultation: help with planning your wedding

Are you eager to plan your wedding day, but not sure where to start? Or did you start with the organisation enthusiastically and do you want an expert to help think along to make sure that everything is arranged perfectly and every detail is planned to the t? I listen to your wishes. No matter how far along you are with your planning, during this consultation I’ll provide you with practical advice and sparkling ideas to make your wedding day the greatest day ever.

Wedding planner consultation

Every couple is unique and that is why every wedding and every planning of a wedding is that, too. Do you like keeping things in your own hands, but are you looking for some extra guidance? During the wedding consultation, I provide clarity and help you make your dreams come true.

On the basis of your questions, I help you with every step of the organisation and give you tips about everything you need to think about and what needs to be arranged just when. If you have already found a wedding location and suppliers, you can get advice about who or what could be added to make your dream team complete.

I can also take a look at your script, budget and styling plans and you can ask me any questions so that the planning of your wedding runs like clockwork & free of stress.


To make sure together that you have a memorable wedding with a seamless planning process. Personal, with a magical touch and a casual atmosphere.

yes, that sounds good!

A wedding consultation is always completely customised and we zoom in on your wishes and questions. You can find further information below about the general context of such a personal consultation. There are also a number of FAQ’s.

Your wishes and questions in a line


The planning of a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. I can offer you exactly the amount of insight and help as you need. Always with the same goal in mind – to help you and your guests have a great day. Without having to worry if something has been overlooked. To prepare for the consultation as well as possible, you can give me an indication of the things you would like to discuss in advance by email. A number of questions that we can discuss, by way of example, are: When do you arrange each part? Can you help us find the perfect wedding location? Which elements would make our wedding even more personal? Would you help think about a theme and how do we adjust the styling to that? Do our wishes fit within our budget? Have we considered everything with regard to the planning?

Picking a date


After contacting us, you will receive a quote. After payment, you receive a Calendar invitation, so that you can select a date and time that is convenient for you.


Expert advice + question time

The wedding consultation is the ideal option for couples who do not know where to start with the planning or who have already started making arrangements. You may need less help than hiring a wedding planner from A to Z, but can still use some help in the lead-up to the big day! The consultation takes a minimum of 2 hours. The investment for this is €181.50 including VAT and the travelling expense from Diemen amounts to €0.45 per km including VAT.

From experience, I now know that one hour is just too short to answer all your questions and to provide you with sufficient advice and inspiration. You can choose whether you want to plan a 2-hour consultation, but you can also divide the time over various appointments, just what is convenient for you. You can split it up into a minimum of 30 minutes per appointment. The advantage of this is that bridal couples have a great many questions early on in the planning process about the main lines, such as finding suitable suppliers. In the month leading up to the wedding, you will probably have questions regarding the final details. But the consultation can also take place in the middle of the preparations, for example, if a supplier happens to cancel. As these 2 hours can be planned in a flexible way, you get your wedding advice at the moments when you need it the most.

After the consultation, you will feel the certainty and confidence to continue with the planning of your wedding. The consultation also gives you a good idea of how I can give you further support as a wedding planner or master of ceremonies.

For whom is a wedding consultation intended?

How much time does it take to prepare a wedding?

For all bridal couples ;). Whether you want to get started with the planning of your big day yourselves or are considering contracting out – some of – the arrangements. As a wedding planner, I answer ALL your questions, offer help in making a planning and share all of my insiders’ advice with you. I provide creativity and out-of-the box ideas that make your wedding unique. I also have a big network of wedding locations and suppliers and would be happy to connect you to the right people to make your wedding day an unforgettable one. You can also regard this as an easily accessible way to become acquainted and check if there is a match to engage my help as your wedding planner. Or it can be an addition when you have booked me as a master of ceremonies and find out that you will be needing more help than you expected beforehand.

Choosing the wedding location, making a guest list, finding a wedding photographer. The planning of a wedding is a wonderful occupation (I should know ;) but, secretly, it also takes up an enormous amount of time.

American research showed that couples spend an average of 528 hours preparing their wedding. When you plan a wedding consultation, we make sure that your planning runs smoothly and nothing is overlooked.

How much is a wedding consultation?

Our starting point is that a wedding consultation takes a minimum of 2 hours. This costs €181.50,- including VAT. This sum is exclusive of the travelling expenses. If the consultation takes place online, travelling expenses are not applicable.