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Together we will make your wedding day the greatest day ever.

Your wedding should be memorable, deeply romantic, extraordinarily beautiful and especially all ‘you’. Wedding planner Chloe and her team help you devise and create your ideal wedding day. We are ready to make your dreams come true.

You’re engaged to be married and want your big day to be exactly as magical as you had imagined. There is quite a lot to planning a wedding. It is a time-consuming job and there are so many elements to think about that the whole process can be a little overwhelming. From finding the right location to the catering, music, wedding cake to the styling… knowing where to start can be a challenge.

And that is precisely the thing I can help you with as a certified wedding planner. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic getaway on an island in the Pacific, a wedding in Italy or a refined and classy wedding in your garden … I know from start to finish what needs to be done, whom we have to call in when and how we can make your big day look and feel fantastic.

Every love story is unique and it’s a celebration to make it a memorable day together with you. Are you dreaming of a wedding with a personal touch? A wedding that sparkles the love for each other? As a wedding planner, I oversee the big picture and make sure that every detail is right. A loving day to remember forever. A wedding day that totally suits you.

Imagine the wedding of your dreams. We take care of the rest.

We want your once-in-a-life time planning experience to be fun and stress-free. Together we will make sure to bring your view of the wedding to life. A magical experience that you and your guests will never forget.

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You may have some questions before you decide to call in my assistance for your wedding.

A brief description follows below of what working with me more or less looks like. I also answer a number of frequently asked questions that previous couples asked. This may help you decide whether we are a good match.


If what you’ve read so far feels good, we plan an introductory meeting without any obligation to discuss all the details. We discuss how many guests there will be, what your budget is, what arrangements you may already have made yourselves and what the theme is. This can be a meeting in person, or an online meeting (via Skype), whichever has your preference. On the basis of this intake, you receive a personal, customised quote. Once you’ve given the green light, the real work begins: the planning of your wedding.


Based on an elaborate online planning document, we talk about everything, really everything, for your wedding step by step. The names of the location, suppliers, guests. From big decisions to the smallest details, such as a welcome sign to welcome your guest to the question whether you do or don’t want speeches. Everything is recorded in this planning document, of which we eventually make an all-encompassing script, so that the whole day is complete and runs smoothly.


As a master of ceremonies, I’m entirely at your service to arrange everything behind the scenes. I’m the point of contact for the suppliers, answer any of your guests’ questions, so that you can fully immerse yourselves in a stress-free, magical day. A fantastic beginning of your great adventure together.

Why do I need a wedding planner?

FAQ Wedding Planner

Why do we need a wedding planner if our wedding location as a coordinator?

During the wedding, the most important thing is that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day without any concerns. You do not want to be the contact for questions or problems at all. Hiring a wedding planner allows you and everyone you love to be fully in the moment during the wedding. Nor do you have ask a relative or friend, so that all of the guests can enjoy their day as guests. This means that you will not need to ask a relative or friend, so that all your guests can really enjoy the day as wedding guests. It also entails that they can toast along with a glass of champagne and dress as wedding guests: after all, they won’t need to walk great distances as master of ceremonies.

Besides, why would you reinvent the wheel when we already have all the know-how and experience? We don’t get stressed out from ad hoc switching and always take various scenarios into account. Additionally, we keep an eye on the budget for you and negotiate the best prices with all the suppliers. We are familiar with the average prices and can negotiate them for you.

Most locations have their own event coordinator. The most important difference between a wedding planner and a location coordinator is that a location coordinator works for the location and a wedding planner is really there for you as the bride and groom A location coordinator is occupied with all of the location’s aspects, such as the set-up, staff, the food, etc. They want the location to meet everyone’s expectations.

A wedding planner is on hand to answer any questions from suppliers and guests, to solve any problems and to make sure that the day runs as smoothly as you want. The wedding planner keeps an eye on the time and will say when it’s time to cut the cake, the speeches and to throw the bouquet, for example. A wedding planner can also act on an ad hoc basis in case of unforeseen events and always provides a personal touch. A location coordinator does not.

What is the cost of a wedding planner?

The starting point for planning your wedding is a minimum of 45 hours. This amounts to €4.050 including VAT. This sum does not include the travelling expenses. For a customised quote, you can contact us without any obligation.